Banqua is the first world broker to unite the worlds of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance
Our ecosystem consists of the BQX reward token (=$1)
More than 40 top cryptos, commodities, indices and forex all on one platform
No Swap Costs in Islamic Countries
The first broker OTC to offer No Swap Costs in WORLDWIDE
BQX Staking

User-friendly trading platform

Controlled interface

Ultra-fast execution of trades (purchase, sale, short sale)

24/7 coverage of latest news

Professional suite of tools for fundamental and technical analysis
Money-in / money-out in crypto and fiat
Your favourite assets all in one platform
Leverage 1:100
Referral and IB Programs

Any quetions? Reach out to us and we will get back to you shortly.

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Risk disclosure information
1. Activities related to transactions (operations) with tokens are associated with a high level of risk of complete loss of funds and other objects of civil rights (investments) transferred in exchange for tokens (including as a result of volatility in the cost of tokens; technical failures (errors); illegal actions, including theft).
2. Remember that tokens are not means of payment and are not secured by the state.
3. Legal regulation of transactions with tokens does not have a uniform approach and the consequences of such transactions may have different legal assessments in different states.
4. The technologies used (including the blockchain technology, other distributed information system and similar technologies) do not exclude the risks of technical failures and errors in operation.
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