Here Is The Most Frequently Asked Questions.

Where is Banqua registered?2023-09-18T14:45:07+00:00

Banqua has registered Licenses in order to operate in the USA and EU regions.

is BNQ a stablecoin?2023-09-20T18:05:16+00:00

Yes, $BNQ distinguishes itself as a stablecoin of utmost reliability, with its value firmly backed by Banqua SP z.o.o.
This assurance is fortified by the multitude of broker licenses obtained, granting the company the authority and capability to uphold this commitment to stability and trustworthiness.

Do I need to KYC to register to the Platform?2023-09-20T18:04:24+00:00

No, KYC is required only if bank deposit is chosen, or if the account is deemed suspicious.

What are the minimum deposits into the platform?2023-09-20T18:03:41+00:00
  • if with bank deposit, the minimum is $1000.
  • The minimum deposit to initiate Staking is $1000.
  • The minimum deposit with $USDT ERC-20 is $100.
  • To use Banqua Credit Card (Coming soon) is $100.
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